Monday, April 24, 2006

04/24/06 - Celeb of the Week - Chris Martin

Starting today, every Monday the Daily Hater will let you know about celebrities that I hate.

Today's celeb: Chris Martin, lead singer of Coldplay.

I hate hime for two reasons. One: I find his music depressing, unimaginative, and all in all lame. People say they like Coldplay because they want you to think they are cool and misunderstood. Two: He's an uninformed idiot.

The following I am copying from the San Francisco Chronicle, because they have already described his pure lameness better than I ever could (please see for the full article). My comments continue after the extended quote.

The lead singer for rock group Coldplay, Chris Martin, has visited Ghana in his campaign against Western trade practices that he says undermine farmers in the West African country. Get rid of unfair tariffs imposed on Ghana, and those farmers would thrive, he believes.

Martin, who's married to actress Gwyneth Paltrow, may be well-intentioned, but he's ignoring structural problems in Ghana that have far more impact than outside tariffs, says Franklin Cudjoe, a development director in Ghana's capital, Accra. Cudjoe derides what he calls rock-star economics -- the practice of musician-activists and others to focus predominantly on the West's perceived responsibility for Africa's economic woes.

Cudjoe says "Live Aid" and other fund-raising efforts for the continent actually prop up corrupt governments in Africa. Last week, "Live Aid" organizer Bob Geldof announced a new series of concerts, "Live 8," that will raise millions of dollars for Africa relief. The concerts will take place on July 2 in Philadelphia, Paris and other cities.

"Rock stars have been extending their social campaigns too far," Cudjoe says in a phone interview from Accra, where he directs the organization called Imani. "The more you keep giving aid to (African) countries, you are telling them, 'It's all right to run a bankrupt government.' The countries themselves have to be revitalized. But the governments themselves aren't interested in (changing). Chris Martin and Bono refuse to (acknowledge) that."

To all you rock stars pretending to give a shit about the world: I hate you. Instead of forcing us to hear your boring diatribes, how about you let some poor people live in one of your many homes. This includes Kanye West. After all his rapping about Sierra Leone, he still rocks diamonds. Punk.


Blogger Maulleigh said...

I hate Chris Martin because he's married to Gwenyth paltrow and climbed on top of her TWICE to get her with child so in 18 years we'll have a new Paris Hilton and her ugly kid brother Maddox Jolie-Pitt-Vaugh-Preston-Federline.

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