Friday, April 28, 2006

04/28/06 - Cellphones Instead of Lighters

Traditionally, at the end of a concert, when the band had put on a good performance and you wanted to hear an encore, you would hold up a lighter. It was actually really cool to see all of these people holding up little bits of fire. But now, no one smokes but people still feel the need to hold up light. So they hold up their cell phones. This is incredibly repulsive to me. For some reason it smacks of corporate America. Rather than an organic feeling among the crowd its a disgusting display of technology. It takes all the uniqueness out of the air. I mean at award shows, manufacturers now give their phones to the people in the front to hold up (didn't you ever wonder why they all have the same phone?).

If you want an encore, please do one of two things: scream loudly and clap, or hold up a lighter. Leave your cell phones at home. Being at a concert is the perfect time to divorce yourself from your cellphone for a few hours. Its disturbing how many people view their cell phone as an appendage.

And for you tools who still feel the need to hold up your cell phones at the end of concerts: I hate you.


Blogger bill said...

This actually happens? I had no idea things had come to this. It's a tragedy, really.

12:02 PM  

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