Wednesday, April 12, 2006

4/12/06 - Psuedo-Intellectuals Who Cite Movies

Today's daily hate goes out to a special group of people who pretend to be smart. I'm sure you've met a few. You'll be in the middle of an interesting intellectual discussion. They'll be having a little trouble making their point. So what do they do? Cite a movie of course!

Two examples:
1. In a constitutional law course (at a law school) during a discussion of women in the military one of my brilliant classmates raises her hand and says, " I don't know how many of you here have seen G.I. Jane, but....." I would write the rest of her quote but a little piece of me died as she said that. Please, if you can't support your position with theory or facts, don't rely on fiction.

2. Scene: dinner at family friend's house - many in attendance, including old woman. Old woman in question proceeds to lecture me on political campaigns. (Keep in mind I have worked on multiple campaigns on both the federal and state level). Upon my disagreeing with her she insisted that she was right. So I asked if she was sure. Her response, "Well, that's what I saw on West Wing." From now on, lets all make a pledge to defer to people with actual employment skills rather than those who are glued to a couch.

All of you who think that TV and movies are indications of real world occurrences: I hate you.


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