Friday, April 14, 2006

4/14/06 - Smoke in Restaurants

Tomorrow is a monuemental day in NJ. There will no longer be smoking in any public places but casinoes. It will also mark the end of a long period of hatred. I used to hate going out to bars, having fun, coming home, and smelling like an ash tray. You also have to keep in mind that I detest doing laundry and attempt to get as many wears as possible out of items like jeans. Now I can cut back on my laundry. Sweet! I could go on a long diatribe about how much I dislike smokers, but we've all heard that before. I don't care if you smoke, just keep the smell off my clothes.

So today is a special day at Hate On A Stick. Today we don't announce hate, but rather announce the end of a hateful era.


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