Thursday, April 20, 2006

4/20/06 - bonus quote

From my main man Talib Kweli:

I don't know why people try to be live when they not
I gotta blow up they spot so I fly that knot

There's an E! True Hollywood Story for the pluckin' it's ripe
How cats is stuck in purgatory for life
Tryin' to fight the enemy without sight
They in the dark swingin' right to left
Clingin' to the little bit of light that's left
And can't escape the room, you can't escape the tomb
You all wear a mask sometimes, I can relate to Doom
That make the whole world earthquake, shake, and move
The beat create a mood or eat your whole plate of food
You can't come close like an order of protection
That this is myself in the pack was sort of my intention
Slaughter anybody testin' my callin', my profession
Anymore questions will born 'em a lesson
A demonstration of takin' it all the way home
While you stuck at first base and
It's like havin' relations without the penetration
Basically doin' nathin'
You a waste of space and time
Always chasin' mine is how you lost your place in line


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