Thursday, April 20, 2006

4/20/06 - Rhetorically Inconsistent Arguments

Sorry for missing yesterday's post. I had hoped to post every day, thus the name Daily Hater. Unfortunetly I will be out of town for th enext three days. Please return on Monday for more hate.

On to today's hate....

The Daily Hater enjoys entering into political and philosophical arguments. I try to recognize the merit of the other side even when I don't agree. However, what really gets my ire up is when my opponent fails to remain consistent.

An argument about abortion.
Pro-life: We need to outlaw abortion because the fetus is a person and we must protect life. (While I may not agree, this is an understandable position to take).
Pro-choice: Well, what about cases of rape?
Pro-life: Well, I mean, in cases of rape an exception should apply.

Do you see why this is inconsistent? Why is the fetus who is the result of rape any less of a life than the fetus formed by consentual intercourse? When making arguments we must remain consistent. Otherwise, how can we have informed debate?

All of you inconsistent fools: I hate you.

PS. for anyone who thinks I'm inconsistent (although I try to never be), please allow me to quote Ben Franklin. "You say I contradict myself? Fine, I contradict myself. I am large; I contain multitudes."


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