Monday, April 24, 2006

4/23/06 - Drink Orders

Note to all men: when you go out to a chain restaurant like Chili's or Friday's you should NEVER be looking at those colorful drinks on the back.

If you're drink looks like any of the above pictured drink, knock it off the table (by accident of course) and order a new one.

I know that many people do not go out to drink often and are preplexed by the number of choices available. I suggest finding a drink you like and sticking with it. (Note: this will also help you from getting sick; people tend to throw up when they start mixing and matching too many drinks at the same time)

Some suggestions for men:
-vodka tonic
-gin and tonic
-jack and coke
These three are simple, easy to remember, and no one will think you are a pussy for ordering any of them.

For women:
-any of the above
-cranberry (or any other juice) and vodka
-jack and ginger (note: lighter colors in drinks are ok for girls).

Stay away from sour mix and if you want to impress your friends, but a round of shots. As opposed to drinks its ok to order ALMOST any shot with a few exceptions. Men, no ordering buttery nipples. When in doubt stick to the basics: shot of jack, shot of jaeger, soco and lime, ect.

And for all you men ordering foo-foo drinks: I hate you.


Blogger nixforsix said...

some would argue that even a jack and coke is gay. Coke while quite tasty on it's own, only detracts from the innate manliness of bourbon. Couple of ice cubes should do you fine, but if you're a novice it's okay to throw in some water as well.

good quote about gin:

"Instead of ordering a vodka tonic like every douche bag at the bar, be a man and drink gin. A girl I know said, "Gin is like the Old Spice of liquors. It reminds girls of their fathers, which makes them trust you. And if they trust you, they'll go home with you."

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