Monday, May 29, 2006

5/29/06 - Celeb of the Week: Katie Couric

Its Monday once again and that means its time to point out another celebrity that I hate. This week the target is placed squarely on Katie Couric.

I'm not sure why she's considered such a great journalist. I've only watched the today show a few times but the few times I have seen her she has been discussing fluff subjects such as fashion. She does not strike me as a serious journalist unless you are worried about whether white pants are in or out this year. Personally if I had to chose a morning female anchor to give me the news I would chose Diane Sawyer. Sawyer has been called the Ice Queen; Couric, America’s Sweetheart and justly or otherwise, they personify their shows.

Before viewers’ eyes, Couric has morphed from girl next door to fashionista, trading in tailored suits for leather jackets, donning what seems like a different pair of glasses every week, and switching hairstyles with Hillary Clinton–like zeal. When she went public in 2002 with the fact that she had arm-wrestled NBC into giving her a four-and-a-half-year, $65 million contract, Couric lost credibility with middle-class viewers (Sawyer doesn’t take in laundry to pay the bills but is discreet about her salary). “When you have a woman who is pushing 50 coming into your living room at 7 A.M. dressed in an extremely age-inappropriate manner and making ridiculous comments like, ‘Oh, $100 for a skirt, I can’t imagine paying that’—when everyone knows what she’s earning—it doesn’t sit well,” says a Today staffer. source (the hater doesn't believe in plagarism)

Now Couric has been given the keys to the CBS evening news. What a disgrace. I can't imagine this woman giving me serious news every day. Good thing I don't watch network news anymore.

Katie Couric: I hate you.


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I couldn't agree more, and I love Diane Sawyer!

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